What We Do


A standard is a norm setting out conditions for the farming and/or processing of a product. Our standards work to support the integrity of product claims by providing verification from an independent third-party. The Textile Exchange standards have been developed by a multi-stakeholder approach to address gaps in current industry standards. We continue to work to ensure the standards continue to meet the needs of a growing and changing industry. Learn more about TE Standards.


We are continuously working to produce resources to allow companies to better understand the importance and process of certification through industry events, resources, and other opportunities. We are always on the lookout for new tools developed by the industry to help companies raise the integrity of their business to higher levels. Check out Integrity Resources or News for the most recent updates.


As a non-profit, we are engaged in numerous multi-stakeholder efforts to push the industry towards greater integrity. This happens through established groups, industry events, and a variety of different areas. Anne Gillespie, Director of Industry Integrity is currently co-chairing one of the task forces of the OIA Materials Traceability Working Group.