TE Certification Toolkit

We are pleased to provide to you the TE Certification Toolkit. This toolkit is available for download in PDF format below. You may click a section title below to download a specific section OR you may click here to download the entire toolkit as one file.

The Certification Toolkit - Supplier's Package is also available upon request. This is a condensed version, with a focus on information relevant for suppliers. To request a copy, send an email to Integrity@TextileExchange.org.

Table of Contents (Click on the title to download):

Introduction to the Certification Toolkit
What is Integrity?
1.1.    Why is certification necessary?
1.2.    Types of verification
1.3.    Benefits of certification
1.4.    Challenges of certification
2.1.    The development of standards
2.2.    Certification mechanisms
2.3.    Flow of documents in transaction certificate system
3.1.    The essential steps for brands and retailers
3.2.    The essential steps for manufacturers
3.3.    How does a company become certified?
4.1.    Scope certificates
4.1.1. Scope certificate checklist
4.1.2. Sample scope certificate
4.2.    Transaction certificates
4.3.    Transaction certificate checklist
4.4.    Sample transaction certificate
5.1.    Cost Estimates
5.1.1. Variance
5.1.2. Direct cost fee structure
5.1.3. Sample cost calculation
5.2.    How to save on costs
6.1.    Legal labeling requirements
6.1.1. Labeling regulations by country
6.2.    Voluntary standard labeling requirements
6.3.    Honesty
7.1.  Appendix 1 – Frequently Asked Questions
7.2.  Appendix 2 – Terms and Definitions
7.3.  Appendix 3 – Existing Standards, Organic Farm Standards