The OE standards have been replaced by the Organic Content Standard.

The OE standards are chain-of-custody standards that give third party verification to a final product containing a given amount of organically grown cotton. The OE 100 and OE Blended are voluntary standards and do not address the use of chemicals or any other aspects of production beyond the integrity of the organic fiber.

OE Blended
The OE Blended applies to all goods that contain a minimum of 5 percent organic cotton and can be used for blends that contain any fiber, including conventional cotton.

OE 100
The OE 100 tracks the purchase, handling, and use of 100 percent certified organic cotton fiber in yarns, fabrics and finished goods through the use of transaction certificates.

Looking for suppliers?

Companies Certified to OE 100 and OE Blended Standards (pdf)

Looking to become certified?

New companies should apply for certification to the Organic Content Standard, which has replaced the OE standards.